Eco Gadgets Eco Tips

  • Buy only energy efficient appliances, searching for A and A+ energy ratings.
  • TVs, videos and DVD players use £100s of millions worth of electricity annually not to mention the wasted carbon) because they are left on stand-by. Turn them off or get the new standby power safer devices (which let you leave devices on stand by without using energy).
  • Wash clothes at 40°C max - it uses a third less energy than 60°C - and fill with full loads only. Try some of the more eco friendly washing detergents - you may be surprised!
  • 80% of household heat loss is avoided by installing cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and quality double glazing. Grants are available to help with loft and cavity wall insulation - try using some eco insulation instead of the conventional types.
  • If you live in the country, look into powering your home from renewable energy whether it be micro wind, solar water, solar PV or micro hydro - it’s a lot easier and more productive rurally than in urban areas. Grants of 30-50% are available.
  • Insulate lofts to 8 inches min – it can cut energy bills by 20%. Insulate your water tank to at least 3 inches min. Free water tank jackets are available in many council areas.
  • Turn off radiators in unused rooms and hassle your boss to have the heating regulated in your office if it's too warm.
  • Turn down your thermostat – believe it or not, turning down 1°C saves up to 10% off your bill. Use heavy curtains to keep heat in during the winter months.
  • Turn your lights off when you're not about, or get a timer switch fitted if you often forget to switch them off.
  • Replace dead light bulbs with Compact Fluorescents – they use 1/5 power and last 8-10 times longer.
  • While driving, try and cruise at 70 mph on the motorway which will conserve your fuel - also charge your mobile phone, iPods, PDAs and rechargeable batteries from the car cigarette lighter socket instead of using your mains at home or your office.
  • If you have young children try and use real nappies, there a lot better now than they used to be. If you have no time to wash them then use a local nappy washing service – they use 32% less energy and 41% less water than washing at home.
  • Adopt the 5 R’s - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Repair - Refill - as much as you can.

Reduce             Reuse             Recycle             Repair             Refill             Recover             Regenerate

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