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Powermonkey ExplorerPower Monkey Explorer by Mark Robson

Fantastic mini electronic charger that's kept me right when I'm traveling-which I do a lot of. Durable, lightweight and surprisingly powerful. Great.


Uniross battery chargerUniross X-Press 1000 Battery Charger by Julie Fairbrass

This charger is very quick to charge and the different size battery shells are so useful, as many of our toys take different size batteries. It's great that it can be charged from the cigarette lighter adapter in the car as well. The speed at re-charging is great as we have a big turn around on battery use in our toys. The battery itself also seems to be last longer than the usual alkaline batteries, so is cutting down on the amount of batteries going in the bin! Thanks Ecogadgets from Oban Toy Library.

Sunsei 18 Watt Solar KitSunsei 18 Watt Solar kit By George Reece

I got this solar panel to bring lighting to the outbuilding behind my house. I already had some 12V batteries to power the lights and this panel produces enough power to keep the batteries charged and maintained. I’ve also got one of the 6W ones for my leisure batteries in my truck. Recommended

Pedal and PowerPedal and power by Kelsey Caldow

This phone charger is really good and if you don’t use your house charger it helps you to exercise and stay in shape.



Freeplay Summit Radio by Francis Higson

I love my radio - it is a solid, well designed wee piece of machinery. I Solar Freeplay Summit Radioprefer to have it charged off the mains for longer power, but I don't mind the winding it, in fact it's quite pleasant to be creating my own energy. I haven't had much chance to try out the solar panel yet, but it does seem to need direct sunlight, so hopefully the summer months will oblige. I find eco gadgets a great company to deal with and will definitely buy from them again.

Freeplay Summit Radio by Ainhoa Polanco

Top quality radio - good design and sound, powerful eco-battery system. Also I use it as a speaker with the mp3 radio receiver , fantastic!!!.

EcoballsEco Balls by Joanna Kelly

These really are a good investment, both for your pocket and your conscience. Clothes come out clean and smelling fresh but without any overwhelming fragrance common to normal detergents. My 18 month old has certainly put them too the test and they even do a good job on her washable nappies! It is certainly worth using the stain remover for any noticeable stains, just as you would with your standard powder.

EcoBalls by Phil Beadie

Had some doubts about these, but having had friends using them, who gave good reviews i decided to invest in them. All i can say is it is is money well spent. Clothes come up really clean and fresh which now means even less bottles to recycle, less pollutants going down the drain and saves money too.

Get these today if you want to help the environment...

Freeplay Ranger RadioFreeplay Ranger Radio by Paul Docherty

I don’t know how I coped without it! I’ve had mine for over a month now, and I don’t know what I did before I bought it. It travels all over the house, gives great reception and lasts surprisingly long on a short wind. They are pretty robust & I would recommend them to anyone. I have even bought them as gifts for people.

H20 ClockH20 power multi clock by Sara Cudahy

The water clock is a great little device which has 4 useful different functions. I wasn't sure how efficient it would be but it works really well and I'll definitely be using it as a travel clock. I really like the idea of not using normal batteries. Good product.


Sunsei 135 2W Solar PanelSunsei 135 2W solar panel by Charles Dixon Spain

Our jeep sits beside the house for weeks on end without a run. This photovoltaic trickle charges the battery and keeps it fresh for first time starts everytime - if that sounds like a recommendation it is.

Freeplay KitoFreeplay Kito by Mark Robson

Super wind up lantern that’s come in well handy at times. No batteries and great light. It's always left in the car in case of need or emergencies. Thanks.


Mini Pro TorchWind up LED Mini Pro Torch by Kelsey Caldow

I think this torch is handy because it can fit in your pocket and doesn’t need electricity or batteries. It is easy to use for you only need to twist the handle which powers the torch.

Uniross Rechargeable BatteriesUniross 2500mAh rechargeable batteries by Ji Li

These batteries are perfect for my mp3, lasts so long , I once went 2 weeks without switching!




Freeplay Sherpa Xray TorchFreeplay Sherpa Xray Torch by Paul Docherty

An excellent torch with multiple purposes. The torch has an excellent beam, is easy to charge and even gives you the option of a mains adaptor if your feeling lazy. Superb for everyday use or for the car in case of emergency. A must buy!

Eco StaplerEcoStapler by Charles Dixon Spain

Possibly one of the best staplers in the world. So it is limited to 6 pieces of paper, so what? You don't have to search about for the right size of staple to fit in your stapler, nor do you have to remember to order the correct ones either ... a no-brainer.

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