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The company was set up in 2005 in the Cowal Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland. It had been a long standing dream of the company director and founder to develop a premier business dedicated solely to energy efficient household products. With free energy and the environment in mind it seemed practical to start trying to find products that gave people the freedom from micro energy dependence. Over 25% of all energy consumption is from household use, whether it be powering your TV, charging your mobile phone, heating your house or needing portable power (go to Ecogadgets shop). This added to poor energy efficiency (see Eco Tips) in the home, resulting in an impractical, expensive habit. But if habits could be changed on a micro level, could that not have a bearing on macro energy consumption and dependence also?

At the beginning of the company’s conception, sourcing innovative quality made products proved more difficult than at first appeared. There where a lot of eco gadgets on the market but many proved to be poorly designed with low energy generation and storage capacity. But then, thankfully, with much perseverance, many premier products were located. This was also aided by a recent explosion in awareness of climate change, pollution and the looming world energy crisis (see news article). This explosion of awareness was swiftly followed by an explosion of the next generation of eco gadgets. With better product guarantees, reliability, durability, and packaging policy, the market now finds itself showered with some amazing products. Most makers and distributors of these gadgets now have fully endorsed ethical policies ensuring fair pay, good working conditions and close work with charities. Here at EcoGadgets Ltd we strive to only deal with these businesses hoping that they continue to adopt ethical working conditions, sensible packaging policies and continued product reliability.

With free energy and energy conservation at work with all our products we hope that you too can see that energy generation doesn’t always mean us having to rely on access to the main grid. In fact, with the launch of our home eco energy generation systems in the near future, you might even find that you could move away from the grid partially, completely or even make money from selling back to the grid!

Our dependency on energy resulting in a dependency on fossil fuels is proving very costly to the environment and leaving an unsustainable legacy for our children. World farming, word transport and every day living is dependent on this fuel source with nearly all of our energy consumption still being produced by petrochemicals. When peak oil comes upon us, and demand outstrips supply, what then? With the ongoing environmental destruction that comes with the search and excavation of this resource, what then? This problem and unsustainability started many years ago on a micro level and grew into the disastrous macro level we now see ourselves embroiled in. Of course we are not claiming that our eco gadgets will solve the world's environmental and energy problems. But they do have the capacity to show us and the kids that eco technology is not something out of Science Fiction and that it has fantastic potential for us in our everyday energy use. We cannot address the problems on a macro level without first addressing these problems on a micro level. If we can change our habits on a micro level then maybe energy companies, governments and industry can follow with large scale eco gadgets running and conserving their functionality with true sustainability at work, ensuring a practical, logical, innovative and sustainable future for generations to come.

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