Welcome to EcoGadgets Ltd- the original green gadget business specialising in innovative, energy efficient products and gifts. We offer a quality professional supply and delivery service to the corporate sector and general public. Ecogadgets covers the best of all things solar, wind-up, rechargeable, water powered, kinetic and dynamo. For the home, office or on the move you find it all and more here.

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Ecogadgets stocks and supplies all the leading brands such as Trevor Baylis, Eton, Powerplus, Ecosavers, EcoBalls, Freeloader, Freeplay, Ecotronic, H2O Power, Inpro Solar, Uniross, Sunsei etc.. From wind up radios to micro solar panels, you'll find it all and more here.

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You are visiting the original eco gadget website - solely dedicated to energy saving gadgets. Recently many on-line businesses have tried to copy our unique name into sub-categories within their own sites, generally giving you a poorer choice of gadgets. Don't be fooled – there's only one eco-gadgets website and this is it! If it doesn't have a link to this site then you're in the wrong place. We aim only to source the best ethically produced gadgets available to today's environmentally aware market. Our eco gadgets are all designed to be practical, useful and cost effective, giving you freedom from energy. With free energy at work – from solar power to kinetic energy and wind up to dynamo - our gadgets will save you both time and money, as well as helping our environment.

We believe that micro energy generation and efficiency has a large part to play in everyday life. With ever increasing energy costs and the environmental pollution that comes with it, energy generation is the challenge of the moment. For many years the eco technology that was associated with many gadgets often poorly performed when it came to energy generation, storage and product durability. But in recent years, that has all changed with ethical manufacturers such as Freeplay producing quality and reliable gadgets. We have picked the best of these gadgets covering solar, water, windup, rechargeable, dynamo, pressure and kinetic power.

eco booksWe continue to add new products every month in order to keep up and move along with this ever increasing and improving market. You'll see that there's a lot on offer from our selection of gadgets sourced from official suppliers. Weve separated our categories into convenient levels including micro solar panels, energy saving devices, eco radios, eco torches and lanterns, portable power devices, rechargeable batteries and chargers, eco toys, H20 powered products and our eco bookstore. We also take packaging and waste seriously with over 90% of our gadgets packaged in cardboard for easy recycling. We only use the minimum amount of materials in our packaging and delivery process and reuse materials whenever possible. Some of our more delicate items (such as solar panels) still need to come in plastic blister packs for product protection but accounts for only a small percentage of our overall eco gadgets.

Enjoy browsing our store and do please drop us a line if you are unsure about any of our eco-gadgets or if you require any additional information.

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